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Michael J. Donohue, Esq.


Michael  J. Donohue is a distinguished criminal defense attorney based in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and the founder of DONOHUE LAW, LLC. Known for  his effective litigation skills and unsurpassed legal acumen, Mr.  Donohue's successful trial verdicts in numerous high-profile cases over  the course of his more than ten-year career have earned him recognition  from various media outlets and throughout the legal community.

Growing up in a family of attorneys, a career in law came naturally to Mr. Donohue. He recalls:

"As a kid, I grew up seeing exactly what lawyers do and how they used their  position of power to help people. I found this extremely inspiring and  have known pretty much since high school that I was going to go down the same path."

Mr. Donohue began his legal career as a Delaware County assistant public defender where he represented individuals charged with felonies and misdemeanors. To further develop his trial  skills, he later accepted a position as a Delaware County Assistant District Attorney. During this time, Mr. Donohue completed numerous specialized training programs, including DUI and undercover drug  investigations, and tried to verdict cases involving some of the most  serious criminal offenses, including murder and aggravated assault. Today, Mr. Donohue is renowned for his formidable litigation skills which he developed through of his extensive experience in criminal law.  Over the last decade, he has conducted countless trials and hearings  from nearly every position in the courtroom, giving him a comprehensive  understanding of strategy and technique. As an assistant public defender, he learned early on in his career how to effectively defend  some of the most difficult of cases. And, as a prior prosecutor, Mr.  Donohue gained invaluable insight into the inner workings of law  enforcement-how they investigate and prosecute different crimes-which he  now uses to his clients' advantage.

Mr. Donohue's numerous successes in high-profile, complex cases, including a case of first impression in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, has earned him  invitations to appear on media outlets such as ESPN, The New York Post, and USA Today. With this prominence, Mr. Donohue keeps his eye on prevailing trends in criminal defense law, which he updates the public on through two educational blogs. In particular, he mentioned recent  changes in the application of the hearsay rule with respect to witnesses  and how it has impacted his practice.

With more than a decade of  practice behind him, Mr. Donohue envisions a bright future ahead. Looking towards continued growth, he hopes to successfully defend the  rights of the accused for many years to come.